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Mother throws poopy diaper at daycare center teacher

By Lee Jaeeun

Published : Sept. 15, 2023 - 16:33

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A mother allegedly threw a poopy diaper at a daycare center teacher, complaining that her son had been abused.

On Sunday, the teacher at the daycare center located in Sejong City visited a hospital where the mother’s child was hospitalized. The teacher said that she visited the hospital to apologize for the scar on the child's neck.

The child got hurt while fighting with other children at the daycare center, so the teacher went to the hospital to apologize, she said.

But when she arrived, the child’s mother suddenly took her to a toilet and threw a poop-filled diaper in her face, the teacher said to local reporters.

After this, the teacher’s husband posted on the National Assembly's online petition system, calling for a law to protect the human rights of daycare center teachers.

Amid intensifying public outrage over the incident, the mother explained during an interview with local media that while she did throw the diaper, it was because she was taken by surprise when the teacher suddenly entered her child's hospital room -- reserved only for guardians -- without any advance notice.

“When I saw the accumulated anger exploded,” the mother said.

The mother claimed that the teacher had abused her child, stating that the wound on her child's neck is also proof of child abuse.

The mother claimed that the daycare center and the teacher had emotionally abused her son in various ways.

“The daycare center and the teacher have abused my child a few times. One day in June, a neighbor found my son wandering outside for a few minutes because the door was closed. It happened because the daycare center did not properly account for the all of the children. Since my son started to go to the daycare center, he has shown various abnormal behaviors as well.”

The mother said she reported the teacher and the head of the daycare center to the police for child abuse. On the other hand, the teacher filed a complaint with the police against the mother for emotional injury.