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[New in Korean] True story of former drug dealer chronicles tale of redemption, remorse

By Hwang Dong-hee

Published : July 22, 2023 - 16:00

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"The Weight of 1 Gram" by Yim Jae-hun (Book Recipe)

"The Weight of 1 Gram"

By Yim Jae-hun

Book Recipe

The novel “The Weight of 1 Gram” is based on the true story of a former drug dealer.

Having served four years in prison for drug dealing in Cambodia in 2018, Yim Jae-hun reflects on his past as he shares his penitential journey. The book also serves as a warning call to address the grave dangers of drugs that plague our society.

Seduced by the promise of a quick fortune, the narrator nicknamed “Baksa” (meaning “doctor” in Korean) embarks on a perilous path of drug trafficking.

The book chronicles the harrowing tales of smuggling, arrest, trial and imprisonment, and how an ordinary person becomes a drug dealer to a prisoner.

Throughout his time behind bars, Yim witnessed the devastating aftermath of his crime and confronted the reality of the substances he had been peddling.

Writing the book was an attempt not to forget his wrongdoings and guilt. The writer hopes that the book could seed some hesitation should anyone become tempted to walk his same path.

"I sincerely hope that you will read my story and understand why you should not use and sell drugs," Yim wrote in the author's note.

Yim acknowledges the devastating role he played in leading others down a destructive path, referring to himself as a "suicidal guide."

The publisher said although Yim is not a professional writer, the novel has a gripping narrative, stable plot and insightful psychological portrayal. The sincerity in Yim’s words compelled the publisher to have the book published.