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[팟캐스트] (494) LG그룹, 여의도 사옥 리모델링 공사 시작 / BTS, 그래미 어워즈 수상 불발

By Park Jun-hee

Published : Feb. 9, 2023 - 00:08

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진행: 박준희, Beth Eunhee Hong

1. LG’s symbolic headquarters to be refurbished in decade

기사 요약: LG그룹, 36년 만에 상징 여의도 사옥 얼굴 싹 바꾼다

LG Group said Monday it has kicked off the construction to renovate the lower floors of its symbolic LG Twin Towers, a landmark in Yeouido, western Seoul, where its major affiliates including LG Electronics are headquartered.

*Kick off: ~를 시작하다

*Renovate: 개조하다, 보수하다

*Symbolic: 상징적인

*Headquarted: ~에 본부를 두다

Since the buildings were established in 1987, it is the second time the nation's fourth-largest conglomerate carries out a renovation of the two skyscrapers. It renovated the working spaces in the upper level floors in 2009, and it is the it is the first time the group renovates the lower floors, where rest facilities are in.

*Establish: 설립하다 / Found; Create

*Conglomerate: 대기업 / A big company

*Skyscraper: 고층 건물 / Tall building; High-rise building

*Rest facility: 휴게 공간

According to LG, the construction work started last week to refurbish the main lobby on the first floor, the arcade spaces in the underground floors and outdoor parking lots. The lobby area will be expanded to take in more skylight, and the rest facilities will be expanded.

*Refurbish: (방·건물 등을) 새로 꾸미다, 재단장하다

*Expand: 확대하다, 확장하다

*Take in: 흡수하다

With the construction set to last for about a year, the conglomerate has opened a website to collect the preferences and opinions of its employees on the kind of facilities they want in the building.

*Preference: 선호도

*Opinion: 의견

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2. No win, but multiple nods still make BTS shine at Grammys

기사 요약: 3년 연속 그래미 어워즈에 도전장 내민 BTS, 수상은 또 불발

In its third year of contending at the Grammys, K-pop phenomenon BTS ends the night technically empty-handed again. But experts assure this does not mean a failure at all.

*Contend: 겨루다

*Phenomenon: 현상, 경이로운 것

*Empty-handed: 빈손

*Assure: 장담하다

This year saw the group get multiple Grammy nods for its first time, including in the best music video category for "Yet to Come" and in the best pop duo or group performance category with "My Universe," along with the main album of the year prize for Coldplay's “Music of the Spheres."

*Multiple: 다수의

*Nod: 동의

Beating BTS' "Yet to Come" for best music video was Taylor Swift's "All Too Well: The Short Film." "Yet to Come" is from the group's anthology album "Proof," which released in June in celebration of its ninth anniversary.

*Beating: 이기다

*Anthology: 모음집

BTS was nominated in the best pop or duo performance category for a third time with "My Universe," the K-pop act's megahit collaboration with British rock band Coldplay. Previously, BTS was nominated in the same category for "Dynamite" in 2021 and with "Butter" in 2022. This year's best pop or duo performance went to "Unholy" by Kim Petras and Sam Smith.

*Nominate: 임명되다

*Megahit: 대히트

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