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‘Show Me The Money 6’ to shine light on ‘brighter’ side of hip-hop

By Yoon Min-sik

Published : June 30, 2017 - 15:19

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Despite the huge popularity of the audition program “Show Me The Money,” there has been criticism from the hip-hop scene that it focuses only on few elements of the genre like rap battles and the culture of “dissing.”

For season six of the show, the nation’s most established hip-hop musicians gathered to ensure that various aspects of hip-hop music and its culture are explored.

From left: Dok2, Jay Park, Bizzy, Gaeko and Choiza of Dynamic Duo, Dean and Tiger JK pose for a photo prior to a press conference for “Show Me The Money 6” in Seoul on Friday. (Mnet) From left: Dok2, Jay Park, Bizzy, Gaeko and Choiza of Dynamic Duo, Dean and Tiger JK pose for a photo prior to a press conference for “Show Me The Money 6” in Seoul on Friday. (Mnet)

“As someone who fought and paved the way for the hip-hop culture (in Korea), I feel uncomfortable that the very small part of the music -- dissing others -- is the only thing that became famous. Many people think that hip-hop is all about bashing and cursing other people,” said Tiger JK, considered godfather of Korean hip-hop as one of the earliest pioneers of the genre in the country.

The newest season of the show features not only Tiger JK, but other prominent artists like Bizzy, Zico, Dean, Jay Park, Dok2 and Dynamic Duo. As the show’s “producers,” they will be guiding the participants to strive for victory in the competition.

Since its first season in 2012, the popular show has been credited as having brought the previously-minor genre to the mainstream. But many artists -- including rapper Deepflow -- have complained that the show is influencing the public to have the wrong perception about hip-hop.

“There are some people who think just because they like ‘Show Me The Money,’ that they like hip-hop. Well, there’s a difference,” said Jay Park. “Hip-hop does have an element of freedom, but some people think that it is just about looking tough, getting drunk and cursing people. There’s also a lot of positive, brighter sides to it, and I wanted to show that with the people I respect.”

“It’s really the TV producers’ job to show the culture of hip-hop on TV. I think if they and we communicate more, we would be able to show the real charm of hip-hop,” said Gaeko of Dynamic Duo.

Dok2, who persuaded Tiger JK to appear on the show, said he even considered throwing his hat in the ring to show hot it should be done.

“It’s supposed to be a hip-hop program, yet some people don’t see rap as hip-hop music. They just prepare the raps that would only exist on the show,” he said.

Still, the Korean hip-hop heavyweights had a chance to show off their skills in the producers’ performances. Taking the stage with legends, Dok2 said he had “never rapped as hard.”

Chief producer Go Ik-jo said that he feels pressure to do hip-hop justice on TV, given the magnitude and respect the participating artist demand.

“When these people talk about hip-hop, it brings instant credibility. I have to really think about how much (of hip-hop) I can show on TV,” he said.

“Show Me The Money 6” is scheduled to air at 11:00 p.m. Friday on Mnet. The preliminary rounds began in April, amassing some 12,000 thousand contenders.

In addition to the established participants, Yang Hong-won -- winner of another Mnet audition program “High School Rapper” -- will also be competing for the crown.

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