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g.o.d comeback rumors continue

By Korea Herald

Published : Feb. 2, 2014 - 19:30

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g.o.d. (Olive TV) g.o.d. (Olive TV)
Nothing could bring back more nostalgic memories of the beginning heyday of K-pop boy bands than the news of the possible return of popular idol group g.o.d.

It was previously revealed late last year that the stars of g.o.d. would be reuniting this year in honor of the group’s 15th anniversary. The rumor mill is continuing to circulate with the most recent claims that the members are already gearing up for a comeback and that they have already completed recording one track from their upcoming album. However, despite the fact that a number of new agencies have reported that the original five members of g.o.d have confirmed their reunion as well as their plans to release a studio album in April, it was later announced by some of the artists’ management officials that nothing has been written in stone quite yet.

Since the group parted ways in 2006, the members have been pursuing individual paths with separate management agencies. Representatives of Yoon Kye-sang and Kim Tae-woo’s agencies publicly responded to the rumors stating that no plans have been confirmed. However, Yoon’s agency did admit that although no final decisions had been made, a g.o.d reunion offer is currently on the table.

It has been reported that some members have claimed on several occasions that it has long been their dream for the group to reunite and make an official comeback with a new album.

“Although there are plans to release the album in April, all of the individual members’ agencies must first come to a contractual agreement before we can start selling the album and schedule activities officially,” stated one of the member’s representatives in news reports. The reports also went on to claim that g.o.d members are currently working alongside a famous producer on their album but with all the work that it will entail, it is still a possibility that their comeback may be delayed until June.

Pop group g.o.d (Groove Overdose) first made its debut in 1999 with the single “To Mother” and went on to release seven studio albums including hit tracks “Lie,” “One Candle,” “Love and Memories,” “Road” and many others. The former boy band shared one of the most illustrious careers in K-pop as one of the few artists to have an album sell more than a million copies.

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