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KRX launches platform for cross-border M&A deals

The nation’s sole stock bourse operator said Thursday that is has launched an online platform to support merger and acquisition deals of South Korean firms overseas.

According to the Korea Exchange, the platform aims to connect local firms with materials and parts firms in ASEAN and other economies. The new system will provide smoother transactions in the M&A deal-making process. It will provide a list of overseas candidates reviewed by global M&A advisors, including New York-based firm Morgen Evan Advisory Services.
Korea Exchange`s Seoul office in Yeouido (KRX)
Korea Exchange`s Seoul office in Yeouido (KRX)

On the day of its launch, about 20 Vietnamese and European firms in the logistics, parts and manufacturing sectors were uploaded and available for business, the KRX said.

“We have appointed a global M&A advisory firm as our designated advisor and established a network with a Vietnamese advisor to establish a foundation for transactions,” the bourse operator said in a statement.

“We plan to further support cross-border M&A deals by cooperating with local and overseas M&A firms,” it added.
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