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Rapper jailed after public street fight with another rapper

By Yoon Min-sik

Published : April 28, 2024 - 14:59

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A South Korean rapper recently received a one-year prison sentence following a public fight with another rapper, as well as for posting a video of a forced apology and drug use.

The Seoul Western District Court found the 26-year-old defendant guilty of coercion by collective force, defamation and marijuana use. It also ordered him to participate in an 80-hour drug treatment program.

The defendant got into an argument on Instagram with a 21-year-old rapper last year, which led to them scheduling a street fight in February of the same year. The fight was filmed and the video was posted to Instagram.

After the fight, the defendant, accompanied by an acquaintance, forced the victim to apologize to him, the video of which he posted to his Instagram page. He also posted statements that were deemed by authorities to be defamatory of the victim.

The rapper was charged with coercion for forcing the apology and defamation for the Instagram statements.

He was also found guilty on charges of marijuana use from September 2022, for which he had been on a suspended prison term at the time he committed the other crimes last year.