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Inspire Arena aims for paradigm shift in live concert experience

By Hong Yoo

Published : Jan. 24, 2024 - 16:12

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Inspire Arena (Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort) Inspire Arena (Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort)

YEONGJONGDO, Incheon -- Inspire Arena, the first multipurpose arena in South Korea created and managed by Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort, aims to offer a whole new experience for concerts, festivals and sporting events.

That begins with visitors buying tickets indoors and waiting in the lobby that can accommodate up to 6,000 for the event to start. Making the wait less tedious is the lobby's kinetic chandelier, or Rotunda.

Three main gates at the arena help divert traffic and the arena's 3,600-vehicle parking lot will be expanded this year to accommodate 5,600 vehicles.

Once inside, even visitors sitting at the farthest corners of the arena will be able to see their favorite K-pop artists perform closer than at any other facility. The arena can accommodate audiences of more than 15,000.

The farthest distance from the stage to any seat is only 75 meters, 10 meters closer than that of the KSPO Dome at Olympic Park in Seoul. Each tier of seats is 30 centimeters higher than the tier in front of it as well, allowing for unobstructed views.

Inspire Arena (Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort) Inspire Arena (Mohegan Inspire Entertainment Resort)

But the most exciting news for K-pop fans is that they can finally see artists’ world tour concerts at the same scale done overseas.

“Up until now, there we no facilities in Korea that allowed artists to use the same megascale stage equipment and effects they use abroad, which makes it ironic that K-pop concerts are simplified in their own country of origin. The ceiling of this arena can hold up to 102 tons of weight and has 180 rigging points,” said Jamie Jang, general manager of Inspire Arena, during a press tour of the arena on Tuesday.

Such specs allow artists to fly around from the ceiling and even create a moving stage up in the air.

“We also utilized the world’s best sound system for a live concert, Meyer Sound PA System. We took into account the angles in this arena, thinking about sound reflections. Five concerts have taken place so far and the reviews say the audience can distinguish the sounds of each instrument thanks to the clear sound system,” added Jang.

The main stage of the arena can be adjusted into three forms -- a T-shaped stage, a circular stage completely surrounded by the audience in 360 degrees and a normal linear stage.

There are 19 sky boxes for VIPs in the arena and eight snack booths operated by the resort for all visitors.

“We hope to shift the paradigm for the live concert experience. We want our visitors to use one whole day just for themselves -- to enjoy our accommodation at the resort before admission, watch the concert of their favorite artists comfortably in these cushioned seats and then leave using our free shuttle bus transportation system,” said the general manager.

"Inspire Arena is all about offering an all-in-one experience."