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[Herald Interview] VIXX highlights group’s continuity in 5th EP ‘Continuum’

By Hong Yoo

Published : Nov. 21, 2023 - 10:25

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VIXX (Jellyfish Entertainment) VIXX (Jellyfish Entertainment)

K-pop boy group VIXX returned to the music scene on Tuesday with its fifth EP, “Continuum,” the group's first album release in four years.

“We've longed for this comeback. In this album, we talk about one of our core values which is continuity. Our group hopes to continue presenting new albums for our fans,” Leo said during a group interview in Seoul.

Over the past four years, all members of the group have been individually active in expanding their careers by releasing solo albums and taking part in various musicals and dramas.

“It was hard to make time for this album as all of us have been pretty busy, but because of our love for our group, performing on stage, and most importantly for our fans, this comeback was possible,” Hyuk said.

Despite their effort to return with all members, N, the leader of the group, could not take part in the album due to his filming schedule for a drama.

“We know that N is the one who misses this opportunity the most, because we’ve talked a lot about putting out a new album. We practiced hard (to create the album) with only the three of us,” Leo said.

VIXX, a group known for its conceptual music, tried to do what it does best through its new album.

“We have matured through the years as we worked individually in diverse areas, and we tried to showcase each of our strengths through the new album. Our music is not limited to a certain genre. We hope to introduce diverse music so we can learn from the public’s response and decide on what kind of music to introduce next,” Hyuk said.

The new album is led by the title track “Amnesia,” and carries four other sidetracks.

“The lead track sings about not wanting to forget precious memories. We hope that people can make valuable memories when listening to this song as we approach the end of the year,” Ken said.

Hyuk and Leo played a part in composing and writing the lyrics to some of the songs on the album, including “Chemical,” “Lilac” and “If You Come Tonight.”

“'If You Come Tonight' is a song that I wrote for our fans. I tried to put my honest thoughts and feelings that I have toward our fans into the song,” Leo said.

In time for their comeback, VIXX is also holding a concert in Seoul on Dec. 9-10.

The concert is also the first for the group in four years.

“We were so thankful to hear that all the seats for our two-day concert have been sold out. We talked about how we want to live up to our fans’ love and support by presenting a good performance,” Hyuk said.

The members of VIXX added that their love for their fans has grown during the group's hiatus.

“We missed our fans so much during the past few years because they’ve gifted us with unforgettable memories. We have longed to perform in front of them. We want to relive these moments through the upcoming concert,” said Ken.