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Fifty Fifty's Keena says outsourcing rep stoked bad blood with Attrakt, Fifty Fifty

By Hong Yoo

Published : Oct. 20, 2023 - 17:33

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Keena of Fifty Fifty (Attrakt) Keena of Fifty Fifty (Attrakt)

Keena of Fifty Fifty confessed that Ahn Sung-il, a representative of outsourcing company The Givers, incited the group to apply for an injunction to suspend the group’s exclusive contract with agency Attrakt.

In an interview with local media outlet Dispatch, Keena said that Ahn suggested that she fake having been diagnosed with COVID-19 in June to use the isolation time to leave the dormitory provided by Attrakt.

“Producer Ahn said that we would be able escape the agency’s attention if I fake having caught COVID-19. He said that we should not face people from our agency,” said Keena in an interview that was released Friday.

But as soon as the group applied for an injunction to terminate its exclusive contract with Attrakt, Keena lost trust in Ahn.

“He suggested we take that step. But he said that he couldn’t help us publicly, but instead discretely provide us with evidence. He said that it was a fight that only we could win, but he failed to provide us with valid shreds of evidence. He pulled his head out,” said Keena.

“I also learned that my copyright for our track ‘Cupid’ reduced to 0.5 percent from 6.5 percent through local news reports. The application for the change of copyright was forged because I did not sign on it,” she added.

Keena said that Ahn had talked with her father on the phone to convince her parents as well.

“He said Attrakt’s representative Jeon Hong-jun wanted a big investment but that the investment would result in our debt. My parents were swayed by how he said we would end up in huge debt,” Keena said.

She also claimed that Ahn stoked the bad blood between Jeon and the group, saying, “Jeon was going to get rid of the group after promoting the first album.”

Keena expressed regret for not having contacted Jeon directly to settle the misunderstanding, although saying Ahn had stopped them from doing so.

Fifty Fifty, excluding Keena, remains embroiled in a legal battle with the agency.