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Director Yeon Sang-ho’s new sci-fi film ‘Jung_E’ tops global Netflix chart

By Kim Da-sol

Published : Jan. 22, 2023 - 12:28

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“Jung_E” (Netflix) “Jung_E” (Netflix)

Netflix original film “Jung_E,” which depicts a dystopian society through director Yeon Sang-ho’s iconic dark, futuristic setting, has topped the Netflix global chart only a day after the film has been released on Friday.

According to an OTT content streaming ranking site Patrol, “Jung_E” ranked No.1 in the Netflix film category as of Saturday.

This cyberpunk flick, set on Earth in the year 2194, was the most watched film in 31 countries including South Korea, US, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Spain, Czech, Chile and Thailand.

“Jung_E” was followed by an American drama film “Dog Gone” by Stephen Herek.

Released on Friday via Netflix, director Yeon’s “Jung_E” tells the mother-daughter relationship in the 2100s through Seo-hyun (Kang Soo-yeon) who works on a brain cloning experiment called Jung_E named after her late mother, Yun Jung-yi (Kim Hyun-joo). Jung-yi was a legendary soldier who went into a vegetative state after going into battle years ago, and now the Jung_E project is crucial to winning a civil war facing humanity.

Having told stories through zombies in “Train to Busan” (2016) and humongous supernatural monsters in “Hellbound” (2021), Yeon said it has picked AI robots for his latest sci-fi project to give the audience an opportunity to ponder whether humanity really belongs to humans.