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Webtoon 'The Uncanny Counter' returns with prequel

By Lee Si-jin

Published : Dec. 30, 2022 - 15:27

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Cover image of webtoon Cover image of webtoon "The Uncanny Counter" (Kakao Entertainment)

Kakabo Page’s beloved web comic “The Uncanny Counter” returned Thursday, a year and a half after its second season came to an end in June 2021.

“I think I took the longest break in my career as a webtoon artist. I am feeling a little nervous and excited to continue the stories of ‘The Uncanny Counter’ with this new season,” Kakao Page press release quoted the creator Jang Yi as saying.

The series is a prequel to the original story featuring the origin of counter, a group of people who hunt down evil spirits with their super powers. The webtoon focuses on Choi Jang-mul, the first counter.

Kakao Page confirmed the return of “The Uncanny Counter” with a third season in March 2023 as well.

The fantasy-thriller webtoon centers around a high school student So-mun, who is enlisted to be a member of counter to eliminate the evil spirits that prey on humans. Trying to hide their extraordinary powers, the group is disguised as noodle restaurant employees.

The series, launched in Korea in 2018, became available on global web comic platforms including North American web comic publishing platform Tapas and Japanese comic platform Piccoma in 2021. It has more than 160 million accumulated reads.

Proving its popularity, the webtoon was adapted into a TV series with the same title, which aired on cable channel OCN in 2020. It topped Netflix’s viewership chart in various countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and more.