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Animation most popular content online: survey

With an increasing number of people seeking to capitalize on YouTube and other streaming services as a lucrative business model, animation was found to be the most popular content among South Korean subscribers, an industry survey showed Sunday. 

According to local entertainment company CJ E&M, which analyzed its 1,400 affiliated streaming channels, those featuring animation content attracted the largest numbers of subscribers in April, about 1.19 million.

Content targeting children ranked second with 1.02 million subscribers. This was followed by dance content with 470,000 subscribers and baking shows with 412,000. “Meokbang,” or eating shows, stood in fourth place with 383,000 subscribers.

South Korea`s popular animation Pororo the little Penguin.
South Korea`s popular animation Pororo the little Penguin.

In terms of the number of content creators, the greatest proportion -- nearly 17 percent -- were dedicated to broadcasting content related to video games. Among the surveyed 1,400 channels, 235 were about streamers playing video games and broadcasting it to their followers.

Vlogs, or broadcasts about people’s daily lives, were the second-most-popular form of content, with about 11 percent of creators choosing this medium. K-pop dance was found to be the third-most-popular type of content with some 8 percent of streamers focusing on it.


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