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Samsung SDI showcases latest battery tech at EVS37

By Moon Joon-hyun

Published : April 23, 2024 - 14:53

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Samsung SDI's exhibition booth at the 37th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition in Seoul, taking place this week from Tuesday to Friday (Samsung SDI) Samsung SDI's exhibition booth at the 37th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition in Seoul, taking place this week from Tuesday to Friday (Samsung SDI)

Samsung SDI is exhibiting its next-generation "super-gap" battery technologies, including all-solid-state batteries and ultra-fast charging solutions, at the 37th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition in Seoul from Tuesday, where it plans to show its ongoing progress in achieving future commercial availability.

The event, known colloquially as the "World EV Olympics," has been a key international platform for electric mobility since its inception in 1969. This year marks the third occasion South Korea has hosted the EVS, with prior events in 2002 and 2015.

At its second showing at the EVS37, Samsung SDI has doubled its exhibition space from its first showing in 2015. The company will focus on showcasing its super-gap technologies -- a key national strategic initiative aimed at propelling South Korea to the forefront of critical manufacturing sectors such as the semiconductor and battery industries.

“Driven by the national 'super-gap technology' initiative, we're well on track to commercialize the three key tech areas by the proposed timelines -- all-solid-state batteries, ultra-fast charging, and batteries that last markedly longer,” said Samsung SDI CEO Choi Yoon-ho.

Samsung SDI's all-solid-state batteries boast the highest energy density in the industry at 900 watt-hours per liter, an anode-free design, and are scheduled for mass production by 2027. This battery technology is a cornerstone of Samsung SDI’s strategy to cement its leadership in advanced battery solutions beyond traditional lithium-ion systems.

In addition to solid-state batteries, Samsung SDI will highlight two key technologies essential for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles: ultra-fast charging and extended battery life. The company is advancing towards the commercialization of batteries that can achieve an 80 percent charge within just 9 minutes and is targeting a 2029 goal to produce batteries that maintain operational capacity for over 20 years.

Safety features to prevent thermal runaway are another critical focus at EVS37, with Samsung SDI presenting its no-thermal propagation technology as a solution. This technology is designed to prevent the dangerous spread of heat within battery cells, which can lead to fires. It incorporates built-in vents that actively expel heat and gases generated from an impact or fire, minimizing the risk of thermal runaway -- a condition where excessive heat leads to rapid and uncontrollable battery degradation.

Other technologies on display include the 46 series batteries and a cell-to-pack concept, which optimizes the integration of battery cells into a single cohesive battery pack without the need for intermediate modules. This design approach not only enhances the battery's energy density -- allowing for greater storage of electricity in a smaller space -- but also reduces production costs.

The symposium will also serve as a platform for Samsung SDI to display its dedication to ESG principles, featuring its participation in the RE100 initiative and its achievement as the first secondary battery manufacturer to receive carbon emission labels for its products.