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YG founder Yang Hyun-suk unveils track list of Babymonster’s upcoming EP

By Hong Yoo

Published : March 18, 2024 - 12:58

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YG founder and executive producer Yang Hyun-suk (YG Entertainment) YG founder and executive producer Yang Hyun-suk (YG Entertainment)

YG Entertainment’s K-pop rookie group Babymonster is ready to promote its upcoming first EP, “Babymons7er,” which drops on April 1, with its lead track, “Sheesh.”

YG founder and executive producer Yang Hyun-suk unveiled the track list of the EP via the agency’s official YouTube account on Monday.

“The lead track ‘Sheesh’ is a hip-hop number. Different from the concept of the group’s previous single ‘Batter Up,’ which was bright and innocent, this has a dark concept," Yang said. "The hook of the title track is powerful that many would easily sing along to. The choreography is very attractive and addictive, so you can look forward to that.”

The EP also includes side track “Like That,” produced by American pop star Charlie Puth.

“We received a huge gift from Charlie Puth, the group’s and my favorite artist,” said Yang. "You will really like it."

Other tracks on the EP include “Monsters,” about the group’s ambitious plan to expand its reach overseas, as well as “Stuck in the Middle (7 ver.)” and “Batter Up (7 ver.).”

Babymonster will be promoting the EP as a group of seven, as Ahyeon returns to the group after a full, healthy recovery.

Ahyeon was meant to be part of Babymonster after going through a monthslong evaluation process shared on YouTube by the agency. But she ultimately did not debut with the group in November last year due to health issues.

Her return is likely to give the group a boost, as Ahyeon was one of the most popular members before its official debut.

“We are planning to hold diverse fan events and gigs. This is their first time being active as a group of seven. We hope that you get to support Babymonster even more,” said Yang, who added that Babymonster's official debut will be on April 1, the day of the EP’s release.