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[Herald Review] IU sets off on first world tour, 'H.E.R'

Singer promises encore concert in September at Seoul World Cup Stadium

By Hong Yoo

Published : March 11, 2024 - 15:48

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IU performs at the final Seoul concert of her first world tour, IU performs at the final Seoul concert of her first world tour, "H.E.R," at the KSPO Dome in Seoul on Sunday. (Edam Entertainment)

IU’s voice rippled through the KSPO Dome on Sunday as the lights dimmed to open the singer-songwriter’s final Seoul concert of her first world tour, "H.E.R.," which took place in the capital on March 2-3 and March 9-10.

Reminiscent of dandelion spores, IU appeared from the ceiling wearing a glittering headset and slowly descended toward the stage, silently surrounded by her audience.

When she landed on the stage to perform “Holssi,” meaning spore in Korean, the lights shone on the stage and spread outwards like petals, transforming like a blooming flower.

“Today the venue seems to be hotter than usual. I know the weather is getting warm but I think it’s your energy that is creating this heat,” said IU.

The artist’s show was divided into five parts, each with a different theme.

IU charmed the nearly 14,000-strong audience during the first "hypnotic" part of the show.

Then, a little girl wearing a white dress and holding a lantern appeared on stage as it filled with fog.

The girl wandered around, lost in the woods until a golden path appeared in front of her, at the end of which stood IU.

IU proceeded to perform “Celebrity” which seemed to tell the little girl, who symbolized the singer's listeners, that even though she feels lost at the moment, she will soon find her way to achieve her dream.

“Now, I’m going to sing ‘Blueming’ for which I want you to put down your cameras and phones, and focus on this moment with me,” IU asked her fans.

The singer's fans sang along with the artists, almost as if they had practiced it beforehand.

The final Seoul concert of IU's first world tour, The final Seoul concert of IU's first world tour, "H.E.R," at the KSPO Dome in Seoul on Sunday (Edam Entertainment)

“The next song is ‘I stan U,’ and I wrote this song thinking about you guys. I wanted to tell you that just as you cheer for me on stage, I also hope to be that kind of audience for you,” the artist said, expressing her affection toward her fans. “I also have this special fan light designed just for me. Don’t forget that, whenever life is harsh to you, IU is cheering for you with this fan light.”

During the last of her four concerts at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, actor Park Bo-geum was invited to the stage as a guest performer.

“He is a dear friend of mine who is not a singer but sings just as well as a singer and is unbelievably handsome,” said IU as she introduced Park to her fans.

IU became friends with the actor while shooting the Netflix series “When Life Gives You Tangerines” last year.

Park performed IU’s “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” and Jukjae’s “Let’s Go See the Stars.”

Guest artists at the singer's first three concerts were NewJeans, Riize and Le Sserafim.

IU transformed the mood by performing her ballad “Through the Night,” immersing her fans in a mellow and cozy atmosphere.

“I think this song will be included in all of the set lists for my future concerts. That’s how much I love this song and it’s so soothing when we sing it together. I hope this moment comes to your mind before you go to sleep,” said the artist.

The concert hit its climax when IU performed “Shopper,” the lead track of her latest EP, “The Winning.”

The sound of the audience singing along to the artist was deafening.

Tweety Bird, the famous yellow canary character from the animated cartoon, “Looney Tunes,” with whom IU collaborated to promote her new album, appeared on the screens around IU, making it seem as if the character was performing on stage alongside the singer.

The singer also announced that she will be holding an encore concert in Seoul at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Sep. 21-22.

She will be the first female Korean artist to hold a standalone concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

“This is my first world tour and it’s both exciting and nerve-racking to perform in so many cities around the world in front of so many fans. I am taking on new challenges in my 30s. I will see you at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in September. It will be different from this concert and there will be more seats available,” said IU.

IU's three-hour-long concert with a set list of 20 songs came to an end with “Love Wins All.”

IU then gifted her fans with an hour-long encore, during which she performed “Shh…,” “Twenty-three,” “Holssi” and seven more singles.