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LG launches battery swap service for e-scooters

By Moon Joon-hyun

Published : March 5, 2024 - 15:02

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A delivery rider at a KooRoo station swaps a spent battery with a fresh one to power his electric scooter. (LG Energy Solution) A delivery rider at a KooRoo station swaps a spent battery with a fresh one to power his electric scooter. (LG Energy Solution)

LG Energy Solution said Tuesday that KooRoo, its company-in-company operating the battery swapping station business for electric two-wheelers, is kicking off full-scale operations following a successful pilot program.

KooRoo's service allows users to easily swap the depleted batteries of electric scooters for fully charged ones, seeking to offer delivery riders reduced operating costs and increased convenience compared to conventional vehicles. A recent pilot program in collaboration with delivery platforms Woowha Youth and others demonstrated a high adoption rate, with 70 percent of trial participants opting to become paying members.

Riders in the pilot reported numerous benefits of the electric two-wheelers and its service, including quieter operation for night deliveries, emission-free riding, easy access and densely located swapping stations, as well as notably lower maintenance costs. These factors not only contribute to a better delivery experience, but also improve riders' earning potential. The cost savings are particularly significant, with the vehicles in the program costing half as much to maintain as conventional models, based on the assumption of riding 125 kilometers daily.

KooRoo offers a mobile app that displays congestion levels at battery exchange stations, allows for reservations and integrates with navigation systems for safe driving to stations. Authentication is required only once, enabling a battery swap in less than 20 seconds, and the batteries are compatible with various models.

LG Energy Solution's battery safety diagnostic technology manages KooRoo's battery swapping station in real time, collecting charge and discharge information every second while monitoring the remaining battery life and temperature around the clock. The system also features a battery control system and drainage structure to prevent electric shock in wet conditions.

Currently, over 180 such stations are operational in Seoul's Gwanak-gu and Dongjak-gu, strategically located to meet high demand with an average distance of just 1 kilometer between them. KooRoo plans to expand its network to cover all of Seoul and install 1,000 stations in the metropolitan area by 2025.

Meanwhile, KooRoo will be showcasing its business and hosting a live battery-swapping demonstration at the InterBattery 2024 conference that takes place this week at Coex in southern Seoul from Wednesday to Friday.