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[Herald Interview] Moonbyul of Mamamoo pursues diversity releasing LP in time for 10th anniversary

By Hong Yoo

Published : Feb. 20, 2024 - 08:54

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Moonbyul (RBW) Moonbyul (RBW)

Moonbyul of K-pop girl group Mamamoo always tries to step outside of her comfort zone to develop into a better artist.

“I am fortunate to have established a character in the entertainment industry as a singer who has been active for 10 years. But to become a better artist, I hope to go beyond my limits,” said Moonbyul in a group interview in Seoul on Wednesday.

That involves continuously working on enhancing her vocal and dancing skills despite being a rapper by receiving lessons.

“As a member of Mamamoo, a group that consists of talented vocalists, I was not able to show off my vocal identity because I am in charge of rapping in the group. Listening to the lead tracks in my first solo LP, I want people to rediscover artist Moonbyul who is not just good at rapping but also at singing,” said Moonbyul.

Moonbyul releases her first studio album “Starlit of Muse” on Tuesday.

The LP consists of 12 tracks, led by two title tracks, “Think About,” and “Touchin&Movin.”

“I filled this album with tracks of diverse genres, as I thought that a studio album should be fun to listen to from beginning to end. I searched for composers that I wanted to work with for this album to ask them for songs,” said Moonbyul.

The lead track “Think About” is of the retro punk pop genre and was composed by the founder of RBW, Kim Do-hoon, at the request of Moonbyul.

The other lead “Touchin&Movin” is a disco track, composed with the sounds of a funky guitar and brass.

Moonbyul also took part in composing and writing the lyrics to two tracks on her album — “Like a Fool” and “After Sunset.”

“I wrote the track ‘After Sunset’ three years ago. I wanted to put this track in this album because of the song’s message. It is about wondering whether a past lover would miss her as much as she misses him when the sun sets,” explained the artist. “The other track ‘Like a Fool’ is a song I wrote thinking about my fans. I am always curious about the daily lives of my fans, so I wrote that feeling down into a song. I tell them I feel happiest when I’m with them.”

The concept of this album derives from the Muses, the nine inspirational goddesses in Greek mythology.

Moonbyul says her muse is her fans.

“My first muse is my fans. I like to present songs that my fans like and my fans like what I like. I hope to continue enjoying maintaining such relationships with my fans. I am also preparing for an exhibition under the concept of the nine Muses to offer a special experience for my fans to enjoy this album with,” the artist said.

“There is even a world tour coming after the release of this album because I want to meet with as many fans as much as possible, so please look forward to it.”