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[What to Play] Songs to get you ready for fresh new beginning

By Hong Yoo

Published : April 10, 2024 - 13:36

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With Seollal, the Korean Lunar New Year, coming to an end, many are set for a new start in 2024.

Even the weather is starting to warm up, confirming that spring is coming.

Here are three songs that will prep you for a fresh start.

TWS (Pledis Entertainment) TWS (Pledis Entertainment)

TWS - “Plot Twist”

Anyoneoff to a new start can relate to this song, which sings about the difficulty of encountering people you have never met before in a new environment.

This single, by K-pop rookie TWS also conveys the message that not everything goes as planned but that one can work on overcoming hardships by looking forward to a bright future.

The music video for “Plot Twist” shows the group going to a new school and trying to make friends on the first day.

If you are going into a new school or starting a new job, the youthful vibe of the song could give you the energy and the positivity to prepare for a new start.

Day6 (JYP Entertainment) Day6 (JYP Entertainment)

Day6 - “Time of Our Life”

This song released back in 2019 helped the band Day6 reach new heights as it earned the group its first win on a music show.

The single pictures the wishful starting point of a relationship, with a message to leave a beautiful page in the book of one’s life.

“Time of Our Life” features piano and skittering percussion, as well as powerful guitar lines that create an energetic beat and soaring melodic height.

The boisterous rock energy of this single is a great match for a new school term.

Lee Mu-jin (BPM Entertainment) Lee Mu-jin (BPM Entertainment)

Lee Mu-jin - “Episode”

Before a new beginning, there is always an ending.

Listen to this song when you are planning to recollect memories and put an end to a chapter in your life and start a new one.

Lee Mu-jin’s “Episode” is a rock song composed with strings and chimes to create a rhythmical melody.

The song is about wrapping up a romantic relationship that once began with a beautiful beginning.