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Nmixx returns with new EP, 'Fe304: BREAK,' to break social prejudice

By Hong Yoo

Published : Jan. 16, 2024 - 08:57

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Nmixx introduces its new EP, Nmixx introduces its new EP, "Fe304: BREAK," at a press conference in Seoul on Monday. (JYP Entertainment)

K-pop girl group Nmixx hopes to break prejudice and create a society in which everyone can be equally loved, which is a message the group hopes to portray through its new EP, “Fe304: BREAK.”

Donning strange but cute hats, the group held a press conference Monday to introduce its new album, the first in six months.

“Today we are dressed in red and black. We hoped to represent prisoners who want to break free from the hardships they face in the real world and head toward a utopia. Also, wearing these odd hats, we wanted to spread the message that we should love everyone equally, even if they are different from the majority,” said member Bae.

The new EP, led by the title track, “Dash,” carries a total of seven tracks.

“We loved our title track the moment we heard it because the melody line has different variations and it has the R&B vibe of the 2000s,” said Lily of Nmixx.

Along with the outstanding vocals of all its members in the lead track, Nmixx's new album represents the group's image transition from cute to powerful.

“The powerful performance perfected the songs and our producer Park Jin-young commented that the choreography of our lead track is really good from beginning to end,” added Hyewon.

Marking the group's second debut anniversary in February, Nmixx said it hopes to continue enhancing its talents for fresh content in the future.

“I hope to challenge myself to enhance my vocals to make diverse songs of different genres in which I can show different facets of myself,” said Lily.

“I am receiving dance lessons personally because I still have lots of performances I hope to show to our fans,” said Jiwoo.

The group said it would also continue to establish a unique identity by solidifying mix pop as its main genre.

“We’ve been establishing our own musical style since our debut, which we think has helped us digest and understand the genre of mix pop better. This album shows off our unique identity clearer and stronger than before,” said Kyujin.