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Taemin of SHINee returns solo with 4th EP ‘Guilty’

By Hong Yoo

Published : Oct. 30, 2023 - 18:04

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Taemin of SHINee introduces his 4th EP 'Guilty' during a press conference in Seoul on Mon. (SM Entertainment) Taemin of SHINee introduces his 4th EP 'Guilty' during a press conference in Seoul on Mon. (SM Entertainment)

Taemin of SHINee returned to the music scene with a solo album for the first time in two years and five months on Monday.

His fourth mini album, “Guilty,” is led by the title track “Guilty,” and carries five other tracks including “The Rizzness,” “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not,” “Not Over You,” “Night Away” and “Blue.”

“I tried to portray my identity in this album by accentuating my musical characteristics in the songs. I also tried to show an enhanced version of myself as an artist. Different from my previous conceptual singles, this album comprises more casual and easy to listen to songs that are of the pop genre,” introduced Taemin his new album during a press conference in Seoul on Monday.

The title track, “Guilty,” is composed of string instruments and dynamic synth sounds that create an addictive hook.

“This single is about a selfish love that forces one’s way of loving others without considering their feelings,” said Taemin.

Taemin focused on making the choreography of the title track appealing, and of the kind that arouses curiosity from the public.

“The highlight of this performance is when I put my hand under my shirt and grab my neck. This choreography was made with the renowned choreographer Casper. Lee Bada, another choreographer currently starring in the second season of the Mnet’s dancing competition show, Street Woman Fighter, also took part in making parts of the choreography,” explained Taemin.

He already filmed a dance challenge video of the title track with Seventeen's Hoshi who is renowned for outstanding dancing skills.

"After shooting the challenge video, Hoshi and I talked about how we would love to work together on music. We talked about featuring each other's songs. It would be amazing if such collaboration really happens," said Taemin.

The artist also put a lot of effort into the music video of the titular track as he wanted to make it cinematic.

“I wanted the music video to tell a story. In it, I am a young boy who lives under control in a shelter. The supervisors in that shelter forced me to hurt my friends. This makes me revolt and become the alpha man,” said Taemin.

This marks the 15th debut anniversary for Taemin who debuted as a member of the legendary K-pop boy group SHINee.

Yet, he still has something new to present to the public.

“I love my job and that is what motivates me to make something new and better. It is definitely a challenge but the process is pleasing and gives me a sense of accomplishment. I am grateful for the fact that I am still loved after 15 years of being in this industry. Being able to continue singing is valuable,” said Taemin.

Taemin is also scheduled to hold a solo concert, “Metamorph,” on Dec. 16-17 for the first time in nearly five years.

“You can look forward to performances and stage effects never before seen elsewhere. It will be an innovative concert,” hinted Taemin.