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[Graphic News] Most Asian Americans have unfavorable views of China, prefer Taiwan

By Nam Kyung-don

Published : Aug. 3, 2023 - 08:01

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A new poll conducted amid rising tensions between mainland China and Taiwan, as well as with the United States, has found that most Asian Americans view China unfavorably.

The poll, conducted by the Pew Research Center, surveyed 7,006 Asian adults living in the US from July 2022 to January 2023.

The poll found that 78 percent of Asian adults in the US view the nation unfavorably but just 20 percent view China favorably. Only 11 percent viewed the US unfavorably while the majority, 52 percent, viewed China unfavorably.

Mainland China views Taiwan - which it sees as officially part of the Republic of China - and its 23 million residents as a wayward province and has vowed to retake it by force, if necessary. Many supporters of Taiwan have argued it is an independent sovereign state separate from China, which has never controlled Taiwan.

Of the respondents to the survey, 56 percent viewed Taiwan favorably while just 6 percent viewed Taiwan unfavorably.

Sixty-two percent viewed South Korea favorably, while just 7 percent viewed it unfavorably. (UPI)