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Rapper Swings offers free tickets to his label's concert due to flat ticket sales

By Hong Yoo

Published : May 25, 2023 - 15:30

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Poster for Poster for "AP Alchemy Compilation Concert in Seoul" (AP Alchemy)

Rapper Swings is hosting a free concert on June 3 with the artists that he houses in his hip-hop label AP Alchemy.

“It was our CEO Swings’ decision to transition from the paid concert into a free one. He invested his personal money into it,” announced AP Alchemy on Thursday.

The concert slated to be held at the Tiger Dome at Korea University on June 3 was initially planned as a paid concert with 5,000 tickets on sale.

But as only 800 seats were sold, Swings decided to fill up the seats by offering free tickets.

“It was my bad. The current number of tickets sold is not ideal, so I'll take the responsibility. Did you think I would cancel the concert and run away? No. I will offer the tickets for free. Just come and enjoy,” Swings took to his social network.

He added that he would refund those that have already bought tickets to the concert, but keep their seats reserved.

“Swings said it is better to hold a free concert to fill up the dome for our artists instead of having empty seats,” said an official from the label.

This is the first concert that AP Alchemy will host since it was established in February this year.

As soon as the announcement was made, ticket reservations surged, and nearly 6,000 free tickets were snapped up as of Thursday afternoon. The stadium has previously held an event with an 8,000-strong audience.

“The server went down as soon as we offered free tickets. All of our employees are currently focusing on preparing for the concert,” the official added.

The “AP Alchemy Compilation Concert in Seoul” features renowned rappers Swings, Giriboy, Kid Milli, Genius Nochang, Black Nut and more.

AP Alchemy will offer extra tickets to the concert tonight at 8 p.m. on the ticketing platform WeMakePrice.