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[팟캐스트] (506) 한국어 열풍 불고 있는 홍콩 학교/ 한국 최초 우주인 이소연 박사 인터뷰

By Kim Hae-yeon

Published : May 4, 2023 - 08:57

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Korean astronaut Yi So-yeon holds up the national flag of South Korea during her mission at the International Space Center in April, 2008. (Wisdomhouse) Korean astronaut Yi So-yeon holds up the national flag of South Korea during her mission at the International Space Center in April, 2008. (Wisdomhouse)

진행자: 김혜연, Naomi Garyan

1. In trilingual Hong Kong, Korean is the new kid on the block

기사 요약: 홍콩 대학생들 뿐 아니라 초·중·고등학교 학생들에게 인기를 얻고 있는 한국어 배우기 열풍 관련 학교 현장 취재

With surging interest in Korean culture, city’s public schools are starting to introduce Korean as part of curriculum

[1] At the chime of the school bell, a group of 10 fifteen-year-olds rises from their seats and bows to the teacher, chirping in unison, “annyeonghaseyo,” or “hello” in Korean.

* chime 종을 울리다

* in unison 일제히, 한결같이

[2] It’s an unusual greeting to hear in Hong Kong schools, where the corridors are usually filled with a cacophonic mix of Cantonese, English and Mandarin. But at Mu Kuang English School, a middle and high school partly subsidized by the government, it’s how 90 students begin their weekly Korean classes.

* cacophony 불협화음

* subsidized by -- 로부터 보조금을 받다

[3] Over the next hour, teacher Canny Lai Yuen-wa speaks in an interwoven mix of Cantonese and Korean, explaining how to make simple sentences like “I eat lunch in the classroom.” “In Korean, the sentence structure is different from Chinese. You’d say, ‘I, classroom at, lunch, eat’ instead,” Lai said, eliciting giggles from the students.

* interwoven 뒤섞인

* elicit (반응을) 끌어내다

[4] While Korean has long been taught at private academies and at university level in the city, elementary, middle and high schools have just begun to pay attention to the rise in interest in the language.

* rise in --의 상승

기사 전문:

2. ‘We are all earthlings after all’

기사 요약: 2008년 한국인 최초 우주인이 된 이소연 박사가 15년 만에 전하는 우주 비행사들과 한국 우주탐사에 관한 현재와 미래 이야기

Korea’s first and only astronaut says many astronauts become more interested in global issues after space flights

[1] “As a human who has looked at the Earth from space with the naked eye, I’ve come to a position where it is very difficult for me to ignore the problems on Earth. And that is something that all astronauts have in common,” said Yi So-yeon, Korea’s one and only astronaut, in an interview with The Korea Herald on April 25.

* naked eye 육안

* one and only 유일한, 유명한

[2] Yi became the first Korean to travel to space when Soyuz TMA-12, a Russian space mission to the International Space Station, was launched on April 8, 2008. She recently wrote “Meet Me at the Universe,” a book recalling her time before, during and after she became an astronaut. The book was published on April 8 this year to mark the 15th anniversary of her space flight.

* recall 기억해 내다, 소환

* anniversary 기념일

[3] “I’m an earthling before I’m a Korean. The problems in Korea are important, but the problems of the world are also very important. Those neglected in Korea are having a tough time, but those neglected by international society could be having a tougher time,” she said.

* neglected 방치된, 도외시된

* tough 힘든, 어려운, 엄한

[4] Yi pointed out that many astronauts in fact take action in international campaigns and try to offer support for them. According to her, some Russian astronauts are likely to have regretful feelings toward Ukraine and some American astronauts take interest in the problems of China because they have had the opportunity to realize that we are all earthlings.

* regretful 유감스러워하는 (듯한), 후회하는

* realize 깨닫다

기사 전문:

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