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Thirteen-year-old boy murders aunt, sent for psych evaluation

Korean National Police Agency. (Yonhap)
Korean National Police Agency. (Yonhap)

A 13-year-old boy was apprehended for murdering his aunt, but released and sent for psychological evaluation.

The suspect is alleged to have attacked his aunt when she would not let him play video games. The victim was taken to hospital and later died due to injuries caused by the suspect.

The victim was discovered unconscious on the third floor of her home by her father. The victim and her father had been taking care of the suspect and the suspect's brother since their father -- the victim's brother -- died several years ago. The suspect is reported to have developmental disabilities.

The suspect is up for discharge, as minors under 14 cannot be prosecuted. The suspect has been released from police custody, but he has been hospitalized over concerns regarding his mental state. The Act on the Improvement of Mental Health and the Support for Welfare for Mental Patients states that anyone deemed a danger to onself or others can be held for evaluation and treatment for up to three days, with authorization from the police and a doctor.

By Park Soong-joo (