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Nmixx’s new album 'expergo' tackles connection, change

By Hong Yoo

Published : March 21, 2023 - 13:55

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Nmixx performs its titular track of the new album “expérgo” during media showcase on Monday in Seoul. (JYP Entertainment) Nmixx performs its titular track of the new album “expérgo” during media showcase on Monday in Seoul. (JYP Entertainment)

JYP Entertainment’s latest K-pop girl group Nmixx launched its first mini album “expergo” on Monday.

“The storyline of this album is a sequel to our previous album as we tried to connect the dots to portray our worldview,” said Haewon, the leader of the group during a media showcase in Seoul.

“If you see the music video of our titular track ‘Love Me Like This,’ we deliver wisdom, love and courage to people. In the process, we connect with them and we all change,” added Sullyoon.

With this album, Nmixx opened a new chapter of its worldview “Docking Station.”

As the word docking means to attach to another piece, the keyword of this album is “connection” between Nmixx and their fandom Nswer.

“Our debut singles ‘O.O’ and ‘Dice’ deals with the story of us taking off on a journey. Now this album deals with the story of us connecting with people that we meet during the journey,” explained Haewon.

“Expergo” comprises a total of six tracks led by the titular track “Love Me Like This” and side tracks “Young, Dumb, Stupid,” “Paxxword,” “Just Did It,” “My Gosh,” and “Home.”

The titular track is an R&B song composed of an addictive melody and bouncy rap.

The song was produced by LDN Noise, a renowned production team that also took part in producing albums for Twice, EXO's Baekhyun and TVXQ.

“The motif of the ‘Love Me Like This’ music video was ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ That is why you can find the Lion finding courage, the Tin Man finding love, and the Scarecrow finding wisdom in it,” said Sullyoon.

The choreography of the titular track was just as catchy as the melody, with rhythmic steps and hip movements.

The point dance move involves the members making an "L" sign beside their heads with their hands to represent the word “love.”

This comeback comes four months after the release of the Christmas-themed single “Funky Glitter Christmas.”

This is also the group's first comeback as a six-member unit as one of the members, Jinnie, had left the group last December.

“We tried really hard to show our unique color since our debut. We are still working on developing Nmixx's identity. I believe that our fans will continue to love and support us as a group of six,” Haewon said.

Nmixx recently marked one year since its debut, as it entered the K-pop scene in February last year with the single “Ad Mare.”

“We want to thank our fans for sticking with us for the past year. Due to your support, we could work harder for this comeback,” said Lily.

“Nswers are our driving force. Nswers are special to us because we get energy from them. I hope they like our new album,” said Sullyoon.

Following their comeback, Nmixx awaits its first global showcase tour “Nice to Mixx You” in 13 different regions starting on May 2.