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Webtoon ‘Dark Moon: The Blood Altar’ records 100 million views

By Lee Si-jin

Published : Feb. 2, 2023 - 15:52

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"Dark Moon: The Blood Altar." (Hybe)

Webtoon “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” has recorded 100 million views worldwide as of Wednesday, Hybe, the K-pop powerhouse behind the superband BTS said.

An original webtoon collaboration between Hybe and Naver Webtoon, “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” is a fantasy webtoon featuring seven members of Hybe boy band Enhyphen as werewolves. The story develops as a mysterious new student Soo-ha -- a vampire -- transfers to the school and draws the attention of the werewolves.

Serialized since January 2022, the webtoon series caught many webtoon readers and K-pop fans’ eyes. “Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” soared into the Top 5 in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, French and Indonesian Naver Webtoon service charts.

The fantasy webtoon topped Naver Webtoon’s Sundays chart for more than 10 weeks in the German and Spanish-language platform, according to Hybe. It also received a 9.80 rating on Naver Webtoon’s English service platform as of Thursday.

“Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” is one of the original content projects that Hybe and Naver Webtoon announced as starring artists from the entertainment agency. The other projects include “7 Fates: Chakho” of BTS and “The Star Seekers” of Tomorrow X Together.

International rankings for International rankings for "Dark Moon: The Blood Altar." (Hybe)

Written by author RD and drawn by illustrators Henie and Kiro, the webtoon series is considered one of the must-watch shows for Enhyphen fans as even small details of the comics are featured in the bands’ songs and music video.

“Dark Moon: The Blood Altar” is updated on Saturdays on Korean platforms. Naver Webtoon’s global platforms release new episodes on Sundays.