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Ministry to disclose information of convicts who remove electronic anklets


Personal information of convicts will be disclosed to the public regardless of the crime if their whereabouts are unknown after removing their GPS-equipped electronic monitoring anklets.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Justice began implementing the rules for revealing information if criminal offenders’ locations are unknown, in a bid to prevent offenders from committing secondary offenses.

Previously, only the personal information of felons who had committed serious crimes like murder, sexual assault or kidnapping would be disclosed to the public if they evaded tracking by disconnecting their electronic anklets.

But in the amended rules, the category for disclosing information based on the convict’s past criminal history will be rescinded. Personal information and allegations of the offenders who cut off their electronic anklets will be publicized.

“Regardless of one’s history of previous convictions, the act of removing electronic anklets shows a high risk of committing another crime after fleeing, unclear whereabouts and a high probability of recidivism,” the ministry said.

By Park Jun-hee (
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