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[Travel Bits] Festivals, sights across Korea

By Lee Si-jin

Published : Sept. 2, 2022 - 09:11

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Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo

The Gyeryong World Military Culture Expo is scheduled to be held at Gyeryong Emergency Runway in Gyeryong, South Chungcheong Province, Oct. 7 to 23.

Though the festival was initially held to celebrate Korea’s national military service members in 2007, the event has expanded to celebrate the military culture of countries across the globe.

The expo seeks to promote peace and technical aspects of the military for future leaders.

Visitors can enjoy various military-themed programs and military band performances.

Tickets cost 9,000 won for adults, 3,000 won for teenagers and 2,000 won for children.

More information can be found at

Wanju Wild and Local Food Festival

The Wanju Wild and Local Food Festival is set to be held at Gosan Recreational Forest in Wanju, North Jeolla Province, Sept. 30 to Oct. 2.

The event provides food made with local agricultural products along with other experiences featuring wild plants and animals from Wanju.

Surrounded by the beautiful environment of Wanju, the festival offers various programs, including a puppet theater, magic show, parade and music performances, for visitors of all ages.

Though most of the programs are free, the hands-on experiences, including camping and wild life-experience program “Little Wapu,” require online reservation on the festival’s official site.

Admission fees and other detailed information are offered in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese at

Muju Firefly Festival

The Muju Firefly Festival is scheduled to be held around the Muju Deungnamu Stadium in North Jeolla Province, Aug. 27 - Sept. 4.

The event takes place every fall in the clean environment of Muju, a natural habitat for fireflies and the marsh snails the fireflies feed on.

Visitors can also enjoy various programs, including firefly exploration, stargazing, concerts, parades and more.

While most of the programs are offered for free, the firefly expedition costs 15,000 won per person and is capped at 1,200 visitors.

The stargazing experience program costs 5,000 won per person and is being held only on Aug. 27 and Sept. 4.

Online reservations are required on Muju Firefly Festival’s official website,

Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival

The 2022 Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival is scheduled to take place at the Nam River and fortress of Jinjuseong in South Gyeongsang Province, Oct. 10-31.

Originating from the floating lanterns that were used during the 1592-1598 Imjin War as a military strategy to prevent Japanese troops from wading across the Nam River, the 22-year-old festival welcomes visitors to enjoy the parade of glittering lanterns created by local students.

Various programs including a fireworks show, water lighting show and street parade will be presented.

Participants can make their own lanterns and try their hand at Korean calligraphy.

Visitors of all ages are welcome for free, but fees vary by program.

Updated information can be found at

Yeosu Jinnam Turtle Ship Festival

The Yeosu Jinnam Turtle Ship Festival will run from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2 at Jongpo Marine Park in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province.

Commemorating the achievement of Adm. Yi Sun-sin and his famous naval battles during the Imjin War, the annual three-day festival offers tourists the chance to enjoy various exhibitions, parades and performances.

With an attempt to promote local art and customs, the festival provides hands-on programs as well as traditional games.

Opening as an online-offline hybrid event, the festival welcomes visitors of all ages for free.

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