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[팟캐스트] (462) 서울대 연구팀, 세계 최고 AI 학술대회에 표절논문 제출 / 싸이월드, 유족에 데이터상속… 사진첩 등 접근권한 준다

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Published : June 29, 2022 - 05:00

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Promotional image for Cyworld’s digital inheritance service (Cyworld) Promotional image for Cyworld’s digital inheritance service (Cyworld)

 *진행자: 간형우, Naomi Garyan

1. SNU research team busted for blatant plagiarism

[1] A research team under Seoul National University admitted to submitting a plagiarized paper at an international conference after accusations spread online. The team, led by professor Yoon Sung-roh from the prestigious Seoul National University, submitted a paper at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition held earlier this week in New Orleans.

*plagiarize: 표절하다
*accusation: 혐의(제기), 비난, 고발
*prestigious: 명망 있는, 일류의

[2] Yoon was the head of the Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution during the Moon Jae-in administration. The paper, titled “From Asynchronous Events to Fast and Continuous Video Reconstruction via Neural Stochastic Differential Equations,” discussed how artificial intelligence can be used for information data analysis.

*asynchronous: 동시에 존재하지 않는, 비동기의
*neural: 신경(계통)의
*stochastic: 확률(론)적인

[3] Yoon participated in the paper as the corresponding author, and a Ph.D. student at his lab was the first author. There were three more co-authors of the paper. The paper was recognized at the conference and published officially Thursday.

*corresponding: ~에 해당(상응)하는, 일치하는, 부합하는
*recognize: 알아보다, 인정(인식)하다

[4] But the next day, a video was uploaded on YouTube claiming the paper had been plagiarized and contained copied text from 10 previously published papers without proper credit. After the accusations went viral, someone claiming to be the first author commented on the video admitting to plagiarism.

*claim: 주장하다, 요청(요구)하다
*viral: 바이러스성의
*admitting: 인정(시인)하는

기사 원문:

2. Cyworld launches ‘digital inheritance’ service

[1] South Korean social media platform Cyworld on Sunday launched a new service called “digital inheritance,” which allows the family of a deceased user to inherit digital data.

*inheritance: 상속받은 유산, 재산
*deceased: 사망한, 고인

[2] Family members will gain access to published photos, videos and even the diary of the deceased, while other private materials open to friends or the account owner may not be disclosed due to privacy issues.The company added the “inheritance” will be made only if the user agrees to the terms before death.

*access: 입장, 접속(접근)하다
*disclose: 드러내다, 밝히다
*agree to the terms: 조건에 응하다

[3] Cyworld has sent emails to users to inform them of the new service since last week, and more than 1,400 people had agreed to the data transfer as of Friday, the company said.

*inform: 알리다
*transfer: 옮기다, 이동(이송)하다

[4] Industry watchers say the new service is likely to spur fresh debate here over the property rights of digital data and inheritance rights. Currently, there is no related law.

*spur: 박차를 가하다, 자극하다, 원동력이 되다
*related: 관련된

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