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Han Hyo-joo, Park Hyung-sik make highly anticipated return with tvN’s ‘Happiness’

From left: Actors Park Hyung-sik, Han Hyo-joo, director Ahn Gil-ho and actor Jo Woo-jin pose for photos after an online press conference Monday (tvN)
From left: Actors Park Hyung-sik, Han Hyo-joo, director Ahn Gil-ho and actor Jo Woo-jin pose for photos after an online press conference Monday (tvN)
For director Ahn Gil-ho, a desire to portray the life of ordinary people was the reason to film “Happiness.”

“When I read the script, the scenario was really interesting and had the power to draw a viewer‘s attention. But the biggest reason for me to choose this drama was my plan to make a series that focuses on the stories and feelings of common individuals,” the director said in an online press conference on Monday.

The upcoming tvN Friday-Saturday series revolves around a deadly infectious disease spreading in a newly built apartment. The drama shows the residents’ struggle to survive inside the building, while exposing selfishness and class discrimination that arises amid in the dire situation.

“The drama aims to show a journey to finding the true meaning of happiness, when people are locked in an isolated area in a desperate situation. We chose this area to be an apartment building, which also shows one of the characteristics of Korean culture,” the director said.

Actor Han Hyo-joo is making a highly anticipated return to the small screen following her role in the 2016 hit MBC drama “W.” The 34-year-old actor stars as special police force agent Sae-bom.
Han Hyo-joo (tvN)
Han Hyo-joo (tvN)
“I became a big fan of Ahn after watching his previous works, including ‘Memories of the Alhambra,’ ‘Watcher’ and ‘Record of Youth.’ I looked forward to his direction and the down-to-earth character Sae-bom,” Han said.

“Many viewers might have been surprised with my return to the small screen with an action thriller. I couldn’t help myself but join ‘Happiness’ with an amazing director and screenwriter Han Sang-woon,” the actor added.

Co-star Park Hyung-sik was also excited to make his return after his discharge from the military in January.

When asked why he took the role of police detective Yi-hyun in “Happiness,” Park said his role in the upcoming series allows him to show a new side of himself.

Park Hyung-sik (tvN)
Park Hyung-sik (tvN)
“The storyline and character’s expressions were really fresh, compare to other dramas. I was certain that portraying Yi-hyun would give me a chance to develop as an actor and show a different side of Park Hyung-sik,” Park said.

“And I did not want to miss this opportunity to work with the amazing cast and staff members, Park added.

Veteran actor Jo Woo-jin nodded his head in agreement.

Jo Woo-jin (tvN)
Jo Woo-jin (tvN)
“I believed that I can find my happiness by co-starring with the actors like Han Hyo-joo and Park Hyung-sik. Playing a role in ‘Happiness’ was also meaningful in many ways, because I was able to play a charismatic, solemn character, very different from the roles in my previous works, where I always burst out in anger and fury,” Jo said.

The 12-part series will air on local over-the-top platform Tving and cable channel tvN.

“Happiness” will premiere at 10:40 p.m. on Nov. 5.

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