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Saean to unveil new electric sports car

Saean’s EXOD sports convertible under development
Saean’s EXOD sports convertible under development
     First-generation electric carmaker Saean has quickly grown into a global company, and plans to focus on strengthening its headquarters as well as research and development for new models, including a sports car.

  Saean said it will merge affiliated companies in America, Japan and Korea, and Saean Corp., its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, will have all business rights, patent and technological rights.

  Saean R&D will focus on developing new models.

  “Starting from 2022, we will unveil a variety of electric vehicles every year including the high-end EXOD sports car,” said Yoon Hyun-cho, vice president of research at Saean R&D.

  Saean expects its new lineup under the premium electric car brand EXOD, including a five-seater sports sedan and a sport utility vehicle, to compete with the Porsche Panamera as well as Mercedes-Benz.

  The EXOD two-seater sports convertible, which will begin sales in North America in the second half of 2022, can be charged at either 800 volts or 400 volts, can go as far as 500 kilometers on a single charge and can reach speeds of up to 265 kilometers per hour, according to Saean Corp. CEO Lee Jung-yong.

  “It will take only three seconds (for the convertible) to reach 100 kilometers per hour. Starting with North America, we will quickly move into Europe,” Lee said.

  After it completes an investor relations session in Qatar, Saean Corp. will take steps to get listed in the North American stock market.

  Saean has sold its microelectric car WID-U to a large Indian company, and is focusing on two-seater sports cars and small electric trucks in Korea, as well as electric excavators in Japan.