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Danish Embassy launches ‘Meet Denmark’ campaign

(Embassy of Denmark in Seoul)
(Embassy of Denmark in Seoul)

The Danish Embassy in South Korea and the pharmaceutical firm Novo Nordisk co-launched the “Meet Denmark” campaign Thursday.

With the slogan “Aspiring life, Danish life,” the campaign offers a glimpse into a healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle that is unique to Northern Europe, the embassy said.

At a time when travel is difficult due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the embassy said, the campaign will showcase tourist attractions in Copenhagen, Danish trends and the daily lives of the Danish people so that people can experience Denmark online.

According to the embassy, the campaign aims to provide a window into the country by promoting its welfare state, sharing Danish recipes, offering virtual tours and publicizing vlogs that fully convey the Nordic lifestyle.

As part of the campaign, Danish Ambassador Einer H. Jensen and Novo Nordisk Vice President and General Manager Korea Rana Azfar Zafar will demonstrate the “hygge” lifestyle in Korea. The Danish word suggests a life that generates feelings of wellness and contentment.

In 2021 the British monthly Monocle selected Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, as one of the world’s most livable cities. The quality of life in Denmark was rated the best in the world.

“Meet Denmark” will also introduce Novo Nordisk’s corporate culture and values, its diabetic pro cycle team -- the world’s first -- its employee volunteer campaigns, its insulin pen recycling program and its business philosophy.

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