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Enhypen makes grand debut with ‘Given-Taken’

Enhypen, a new boy group from the Mnet survival show “I-Land,” made its grand debut with the single “Given-Taken.”

Having already caused a sensation prior to its debut, the seven-piece multinational boy band held an online media showcase Monday in Seoul, where it unveiled the single and talked about its solid rookie effort. Pop-hip-hop track “Given-Taken” comes off of the EP “Border: Day 1.”

“As much as we were created on a survival program, ‘Given-Taken’ captures our question of whether our debut was achieved by us or given by others. The song gives off both dark and powerful energy,” explained Sunghoon during the event.

Sunwoo added, “It depicts a complicated mix of happiness and anxiety, while also expressing our strong will to go out into the world.” 

Enhypen (Belift Lab)
Enhypen (Belift Lab)
Consisting of Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-ki, Enhypen is housed under Belift Lab, a joint venture between South Korean entertainment giant CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment, home to BTS and TXT.

On the occasion of the band’s grand debut, the bandmates went on to share how their artistry was shaped by Big Hit Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, one of the producers of the album.

“A day after our debut was confirmed, our agency staff threw us a surprise party, where producer Bang also participated, to celebrate us. There he told us, ‘There’s no K-pop artist that doesn’t have a fan,’ emphasizing the importance of fans and our role as a musician,” said Jungwon. “Upon his words we decided to become a group that can be beloved by global fans and reciprocate their love.”

Ni-ki said, “Bang also told us to become a musician who is happy by oneself and with others as well.”

The artists also shared the words of advice they got from their BTS colleagues, who visited them as trainees during the “I-Land” shooting.

The performers from BTS “gave us presents that they’d prepared themselves and gave us a counseling session. They told us to love ourselves a bit more and have more confidence,” said Jay.

Asked about the group’s biggest strength, Sunghoon said, “I think we developed an in-sync chemistry in the course of competing at ‘I-Land.’ All seven of us have different characteristics and outstanding appearances that anybody can serve a center position.”

“Our first goal is to receive a rookie award this year, as much as we’ve worked hard to make this debut happen,” said Jake. “We’d like to become a group that comes straight to mind when people think about 2020. Also, we’d like to be called a ‘new rising star’ that can follow in the footsteps of our senior groups,” he added.

Set to be out Monday evening, “Border: Day 1” also features “Intro: Walk the Line,” “Let Me In (20 Cube),” “10 Months,” “Flicker” and “Outro: Cross the Line.”

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