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Korean Cultural Centre UK shows ‘Rendered Reality’

The exhibition “Rendered Reality” is being held at the Korean Cultural Centre UK in London. (KCCUK)
The exhibition “Rendered Reality” is being held at the Korean Cultural Centre UK in London. (KCCUK)

Korean Cultural Centre UK announced Wednesday that it is holding its UK Residency Report Showcase, in an exhibition titled “Rendered Reality” that features multimedia works by Min Joon-hong and Suh Shin-uk, running from Wednesday to April 18.

This marks the first UK Residency Report Showcase exhibition, held with artists who have completed KCCUK’s residency program to support emerging artists.

The opening reception of the exhibition held Monday at the KCCUK in London featured a performance piece by Min presented in collaboration with interdisciplinary artist Ziad Nagy.

Min and Suh are both London-based contemporary artists who grew up in Korea and migrated to the UK. Min and Suh have the common experience of living in two diverse cultures, and use the city and its system as their theme.

Min’s works use unwanted materials and abandoned objects found in the city, rebuilding them into visual sculptures. The exhibition at KCCUK includes Min’s recent work created through the New York Art Residency and Studios Foundation in 2019.

Works that question the notion of an ideal human image that has been imposed on people by modern society reflect Suh’s own experience of living in the city.

“Rendered Reality” is organized by the KCCUK in collaboration with the Koppel Project, which is a hub bringing together contemporary art galleries, studios and educational workshop spaces, as well as Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, which offers exhibition and residency space for artists.

Min took part in Koppel Project and Suh participated in a workshop offered by Unit 1 Gallery.