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“I am not your emotional punching bag” -- YouTuber threatens to sue malicious commenters

YouTuber Bae Lina announced via her channel Tuesday that she plans to sue bloggers for posting libelous statements regarding her appearance.

“I have been the subject of mockery, abuse, harassment just because of my looks. I am not your emotional punching bag. I have made note of everyone who has posted hateful comments about me,” she wrote.

Bae, an active content creator since February, claimed the “nasty name-calling” has hurt her considerably over the past few months after her video went viral. Currently, the video has garnered over 5.1 million views. 
A capture of Bae Lina from her video (YouTube)
A capture of Bae Lina from her video (YouTube)

Under the title “I am not pretty,” the video she uploaded on June 4 starts out with Bae staring blankly into the camera without any makeup.

As the video is played, viewers can witness Bae’s transformation while she puts on makeup as insulting comments in text format, such as “Can you even see with those squinty eyes?” and “You’d look prettier with double eye-lid surgery,” flash across the screen. 

A capture of Bae Lina from her video (YouTube)
A capture of Bae Lina from her video (YouTube)

Even after she finishes putting on makeup, hostile comments like “I would kill myself if I were you” continue to appear. She then removes her fake eyelashes and makeup. After taking out her contacts to put on glasses, she smiles brightly at the camera.

On a blank screen, Bae offers words of consolation to fellow women: “You don’t have to be pretty. Don’t be so concerned with how others perceive you. You’re special. And pretty the way you are.” 

A capture of Bae Lina from her video (YouTube)
A capture of Bae Lina from her video (YouTube)

Following the video’s post, thousands of Korean women have left comments in support of Bae’s “corset-free” movement, claiming they could relate to the overwhelming pressure of being “pretty” for others so as not to be judged or called names.

The “corset-free” movement aims to challenge Korean society’s definition of beauty as women are expected to wear makeup and maintain lean yet curvy figures.

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