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[팟캐스트] (247) 성차별 수사 논란, 삼성 v. 애플 스마트폰 디자인 특허 소송 재개

By Korea Herald

Published : May 16, 2018 - 13:43

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진행자 : 배현정, Paul Kerry

Selective justice? Koreans file petition after female suspect gets arrested for leaking nude photo

1. 홍대 모델 누드 사진 유출 이후, 성차별적 수사 규탄



팟빵 (안드로이드):

기사 요약 : 홍대 남성 누드 모델의 사진 유출 사건 수사 결과 발표 이후로 성별에 상관 없이 공정한 성폭력 수사를 해줄 것을 촉구하는 목소리가 높아지고 있다.

[1] More than 270,000 South Koreans have signed an online petition asking for the fair investigation of online and digital sexual violence cases, regardless of the perpetrators' gender, after a female suspect was arrested for secretly taking a photo of her male colleague while he was posing nude for university students, and then distributing it online without the victim’s consent. 

*petition : 청원

*regardless of~ : ~와 무관하게

*pose nude : 누드 모델이 되다

*distribute online : 인터넷에 유포하다

[2] Those who signed the petition say that while the authorities’ treatment of

the case has been just and ideal, the way they have been dealing with female victims of digital and online sexual violence has been extremely different from the way male victims are treated.  

*authorities : 당국

*ideal : 이상적인

[3] “Women are also citizens of the Republic of Korea,” the petition reads. “In a country where victims and perpetrators are being treated differently according to their genders, no one really is safe including men.”

*perpetrator : 가해자

*according to~ : ~에 따라서

[4] The 25-year-old female suspect, who is only identified by her last name Ahn, was photographed by reporters as she was leaving a police station after being questioned Saturday. She was eventually brought into custody later in the day. 

*suspect : 용의자

*be brought into custody : 구속되다

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2. 삼성-애플 스마트폰 디자인 특허 소송 재개

Samsung vs. Apple retrial to shine light on value of design in smartphone

기사 요약 : 글로벌 스마트폰 제조사 삼성과 애플 간의 디자인 특허 분쟁이 이번 주 미국 법정에서 재개되었다.

[1] The retrial for the 7-year-old design patent suit between Samsung and Apple will commence Monday in California, local time. The final ruling from this retrial is set to draw a milestone on how much value a component design holds in an innovative product. 

*retrial : 재심

*commence : 시작하다

*draw a milestone : 획을 긋다

*hold value : 가치를 지니다

[2] The legal dispute started in 2011 when Apple sued Samsung. The South Korean tech giant countersued Apple in the same year. But in 2012, Samsung lost the case and was ordered to pay more than $1 billion to Apple for infringing on three of the US tech behemoth’s design patents related to mobile devices: the quick links to phone numbers, the slide-to-unlock feature and the auto-correct function.

*tech giant, tech behemoth : 거대 기술 회사

*infringe : 침해하다

*mobile device ; 무선 단말기

*slide-to-unlock : 밀어서 잠금해제

*auto-correct : 자동 수정

[3] Under the US patent law, infringement of a design patent can result in a plaintiff receiving total profits made through the product. Samsung’s lawyers appealed the case, bringing down the compensation of $1 billion to $400 million in 2015 at the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. 

*plaintiff : 원고

*appeal : 항소하다

*bring down : 낮추다

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