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Davich Hearing Aid launches high-end acoustic device

Davich Hearing Aid has recently launched a new hearing aid, Alpha VR.

Other aids on the market suffer from short battery life, requiring frequent recharges or battery changes, but Alpha VR can operate for 24 hours on a single seven-hour charge.

The company is offering a buy one get one free deal right now, making the product more affordable for the customers.

Alpha VR (Davich Hearing)
Alpha VR (Davich Hearing)

Davich is also offering recharging technology that was mostly available only for more expensive devices, to a full range of aids: from the basic channel 6 device to the more advanced channel 20 device.

Equipped with SpeechPro technology, the hearing aid identifies the direction of vocalized sounds and allows the users to more comfortably listen to speech even in noisy surroundings.

“The newly released user-centered rechargeable hearing aid Alpha VR will help people with hearing impairment at a reasonable price,” Davich said, adding that the company “would continue its job as the public health keeper by lowering the barriers to entry and improving on the inconveniences reported by customers.”

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