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[ADVERTORIAL] Hyundai Card opens co-working space ‘Studio Black’

Hyundai Card, the financial unit of Hyundai Motor Group, has opened Hyundai Card Studio Black, a co-working space for fledgling entrepreneurs and creators, near Gangnam Station in southern Seoul.

Hyundai Card -- known for its out-of-the-box management, which shook up the Korean finance market in 2003 -- has incorporated into Studio Black the successful elements that helped make the Hyundai Card a household name. 

Hyundai Card Studio Black (Hyundai Card)
Hyundai Card Studio Black (Hyundai Card)

Features of the new venue include secure facilities, a trendy lounge for people to mingle, carefully designed workspaces and top-notch amenities. Networking and other events will also be held there.

Studio Black stands out among other co-working spaces, as it offers opportunities to network with Hyundai Card employees and their business associates.

For instance, the “Hyundai Card Class” program invites renowned professionals from various fields to give lectures that can inspire Studio Black members. Hyundai Card officials are also expected to participate in the lectures to allow young tech developers to network with them.

Hyundai Card handpicks some of the country’s best business consultants, tax attorneys and financial planners to participate in its “Invitation Lunch,” a lunch event held every second Thursday of the month. It provides free question and answer sessions for tenants of Studio Black in need of practical business advice.

To ensure security, the gate on the ground floor only admits those authorized to enter Studio Black.

Studio Black’s work space can host up to 672 people across 160 smaller cells built module-style.

It has a Device Lab and Tasting Room equipped with 3-D printers where software developers can also test their operation systems with various other devices.

Studio Black also provides translation and interpretation services for foreigners.

It also has a Connecting Lounge for people to mingle and connect with one another. In addition to a rooftop where parties can be held, the Connecting Lounge occasionally holds cocktail parties that have a DJ and tapas.

Other benefits for Studio Black members include Hyundai Card’s in-house services such as a car-sharing program, discounts for medical checkups, admission to libraries that cover the topics of design, music and travel as well as special discounts on interest rates for Hyundai Card/Capital finance products.
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