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Most elementary school students deem environment pollution serious

Nine out of 10 elementary school students think that environment pollution is serious, a survey showed Tuesday.

An at-home learning program provider “i-Scream Home-Learn” conducted a survey on 22,059 elementary school students on their perception toward the value of the environment.

Of the respondents, 93 percent said the level of pollution was at a serious stage.

Only 1,600, or 7 percent, said that the pollution was not worrisome. The survey was conducted on the occasion of the 20th Environment Day this Friday.

Of the students who said pollution was serious, 5,238, or 26 percent, said the biggest phenomenon was global warming. Next came land contamination (25 percent), air pollution (17 percent) and rise in diseases (10 percent).

As for the cause of pollution, the respondents said: lack of public awareness on the environment (29 percent); insufficient recycling (27 percent); increased automobile exhaust fumes (17 percent); and use of disposable products (10 percent).

Almost all, or 99 percent, said more aggressive campaigns on environment protection was necessary.