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Arrest warrants on Sewol relatives declined

 A Seoul court on Thursday turned down arrest warrants sought by police against three family members of the victims of April's deadly ferry sinking accused of assaulting a taxi driver and two passers-by during a street brawl.

 "Considering the evidence collected and the backgrounds of the suspects, it is unlikely to believe that they may destroy evidence or flee," the Seoul Southern District Court said in issuing the ruling.

The bereaved family members, after drinking with Rep. Kim Hyun of the main opposition party New Politics Alliance for Democracy, allegedly beat the call driver when he told the lawmaker he would leave because he could not wait any longer. The passersby were also beaten as they tried to help the driver.

The sinking of the ferry Sewol left more than 300 people dead or missing, with most of them being high school students on a field trip. Critics argue that the government's poor initial response to the disaster contributed to the high death toll. (Yonhap)


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