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Ministry to cut school class sizes further

The education ministry said Monday it plans to match the class sizes of primary and secondary schools to international standards by 2020 in an effort to provide a better educational environment.

Under the plan, the class size of primary schools will be cut to an average of 21 students per class by 2020 from last year's 24.3. The average number will be reduced to 23 from 32.4 at middle schools, with the number to be lowered to 23 from 32.5 for high schools.

The goals are designed to be in line with the standards of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries. In 2010, the per class average of students for OECD countries came to 21.2 and 23.4 students in primary and secondary schools, respectively.

The ministry's targets are lower than its previous goals. In a policy briefing to President Park Geun-hye late last month, the ministry said it would cut the number to 23 and 25 for primary and secondary institutions by 2017.

A nationwide survey of primary and secondary schools will be conducted until mid-May, the ministry said, adding an action plan will be announced by June. (Yonhap News)

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