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One-third under serious stress: study

By 배지숙

Published : April 7, 2011 - 18:20

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One out of every three adults here is under a serious level of stress, a group of doctors said Thursday.

Workplaces and financial issues were the main causes of stress, the Korean NeuroPsychiatric Association said.

According to its survey conducted of 1,006 people over 19 years old nationwide, about 23.9 percent said they were under some level of stress while 26.2 percent said the pressure was severe and 5.1 percent called it enormous. Some became extremely sensitive and fatigued as a result. Some over 40 had insomnia and the youngsters, in their 20s, suffered depression.

The stress was detected more often among smokers, drinkers and those who do not exercise regularly.

The main causes of stress were work and money. In particular, work was a burden for males the and younger generation. Men drank alcohol and exercised to counter their stress while women conversed or shared advice. Sometimes they slept to forget their troubles.

The overall happiness respondents felt was measured at 68.1 out of 100. The younger and wealthier they were, the happier they were. Women said health is the most important factor for happiness while men placed more weight on wealth.

“We have achieved industrialization and democratization. But our happiness is decreasing and people are stressed.

“The teens are stressed about studying, while those in their 20s-40s suffer from job searching and getting adjusted to office lives and the 50-somethings are struggling with lonesomeness. We need a fundamental treatment to our psychological damage,” the association stated.

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