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Penguin makes stepping stone of seal

A video posted on YouTube shows a daredevil penguin making a quick escape from an unwanted predator -- a seal.

In the YouTube clip, entitled “Penguin takes a risky path,” the unsuspecting penguin is seen hanging around the rocks and accidentally leaping on a relatively large and smooth rock.

Shortly after, the penguin realizes the rock-shaped object is actually a seal.

The lucky penguin runs for its life and makes an easy escape, whereas the seal seems confused by the unexpected commotion. The seal opens its mouth wide open in retaliation, but it’s too late. He soon falls back to his rest.


More than 500,000 viewers have watched the film since its release on Dec. 27.

Watch the scene:

By Ryu Jeong-hyun (

Intern reporter

<한글 요약>
유튜브에서 한 펭귄이 실수로 곤히 자는 물개를 밟아 깨운 후 깜짝 놀라 황급히 달아나는 동영상이 인기다. 

이 동영상에서 펭귄은 바위 사이를 넘어 다니다가 바위와 비슷한 색깔인 물개를 밟고 말았다. 

물개는 깜짝 놀라 입을 벌리며 저항했고, 이에 놀란 펭귄은 황급히 탈출했다. 하지만 펭귄의 걱정과는 달리 물개는 곧 다시 잠에 들고 말았다.
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