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[팟캐스트] (528) 전문가들이 말하는 강화된 마약 교육의 중요성 / K팝 리더 블랙핑크의 미래

By Kan Hyeong-woo

Published : Oct. 5, 2023 - 08:56

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Blackpink performs at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, April 9. (YG Entertainment) Blackpink performs at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, April 9. (YG Entertainment)

진행자: 간형우, Ali Abbot

1. Tell the truth: Advanced drug education needed to curb teen exposure, experts say

기사 요약: 단순한 교육 영상물로는 더 이상 10대들의 마약 노출 위험을 방지할 수 없다는 전문가들의 조언

[1] Drug prevention education has long been thought of as a criminal issue in South Korea, but an increase in teenage drug offenders has led to wider calls for enhanced drug education.

*prevention: 예방, 방지

*offender: 범죄자

*enhanced: 향상된

[2] As concerns grow over adolescents’ shallow awareness of drugs due to a lack of education, politicians on both sides of the aisle are also demanding more thorough drug abuse prevention.

*adolescent: 청소년

*shallow: 얕은

*thorough: 철저한, 빈틈없는

[3] In November last year, Rep. Lee Tae-kyu of the ruling People Power Party proposed a bill that would make drug prevention programs a mandatory part of the curriculum in schools nationwide, stressing that adequate education is crucial to preventing children’s exposure to drugs.

*mandatory: 의무적인

*adequate: 적절한, 충분한

*exposure: 노출

[4] In the same period, Rep. Seo Dong-yong from the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea also urged educating teenagers about the dangers of drugs, pointing to the lack of warning and education for the soaring number of young drug offenders.

*urge: 강력히 권고하다

*soaring: 급상승하는, 날아오르는

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2. Where is Blackpink headed?

기사 요약: 세계적인 K팝 그룹 블랙핑크의 향후 행보에 대한 분석

[1] Will Blackpink continue or will the group disband? Are the members moving to a different label or will they go independent?

*disband: 해체하다

[2] Rumors have been swirling as K-pop's biggest girl group and its agency, YG Entertainment, remain silent on the future, despite their seven-year contract having apparently reached the end of its term in August.

*swirl: 소용돌이치다

*apparently: 명백히

[3] On Tuesday, it was reported Jennie and Jisoo had established their own independent labels, though YG Entertainment denied to confirm the reports.

*deny: 부인하다

[4] "Nothing has been settled regarding Blackpink's contract renewal or future activity," was YG's latest update on the issue released Wednesday, a reiteration of what it has been repeating over the past few months.

*renewal: 부활, 갱신

*reiteration: 반복

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