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[팟캐스트] (522) 금수저 패션? ‘올드머니룩’이 뜬다 / 급격한 기후변화와 자연재해에 기후우울증 늘어난다

By Jo He-rim

Published : Aug. 24, 2023 - 14:56

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HBO's Emmy-winning HBO's Emmy-winning "Succession" has gained accolades for its fashion choices, including styles from Italian luxury fashion brand Brunello Cucinelli, which is said to have given rise to the old money aesthetic. (HBO)

진행자: 조혜림, Naomi Ng

1. [Weekender] 'Old money' rises as the new black in fashion

기사요약: 부자들의 패션 ‘올드머니룩’이 새로운 유행이다. 과시보단 기본에 충실하지만 좋은 소재, 모양 등 디테일에 주목한 아이템들로 꾸미는 스타일이다.

[1] Old money refers to wealth that is deeply rooted in tradition, or wealth that is inherited rather than acquired through personal earnings. In this regard, the idea behind the old money look means looking like someone who comes from generational wealth.

*rooted: ~에 뿌리(근원)을 둔

*inherit: 상속받다, 물려받다

*acquire: (노력, 능력으로) 습득하다, 획득하다

[2] Typical characteristics of an old money look centers on eschewing logos and wearing clothes finished with luxurious materials such as cashmere and silk. Neutral shades, subtle details, monochromatic ensembles and tailored attires also constitute another cornerstone of this fashion aesthetic.

*centers on: ~에 초점을 맞추다

*eschewing: 피하다, 삼가다

*monochromatic: 단색의

*cornerstone: 초석, 주춧돌

[3] Another factor is that the old money trend is relatively easy to follow, unlike the Y2K trend, which emulates the kitschy pop culture and maximalist lifestyle of the late 1990s and early 2000s. The Y2K trend has since gone beyond fashion to restaurants, bars and other retro consumer products.

*emulate: 모방하다

*kitschy: (인기는 있지만) 질 낮은 물건, 예술품


2. More Koreans to suffer from 'climate depression': experts

기사요약: 최근 급격한 기후 변화로 인해 기후우울증을 겪는 사람들이 많아지고 있다. 단순한 날씨 변화로 인한 우울감이 아니다. 기후 위기가 가족, 친구 그리고 인류에게 위기를 가져올 것이란 우려로 이 때문에 출산을 기피하는 사람도 생기고 있다.

[1] “Already, the World Health Organization is taking the issue of climate depression seriously. If climate change continues, more and more people may suffer from depression,” said Suh Kyung-hyun, a professor from the department of counseling psychology at Sahmyook University and president of the Korean Psychological Association of Culture and Social Issues.

*take sth seriously: ~를 심각하게 여기다, 진지하게 여기다

[2] Climate depression, or eco-anxiety, is defined as the fundamental distress over climate change and its impacts on the landscape and human existence. Eco-anxiety can manifest as intrusive thoughts or distress about future disasters or the long-term future of human existence and the world, including one’s descendants, according to experts.

*fundamental: 근본적인, 핵심적인

*distress: (정신적) 고통, 고충, 괴롭히다

*manifest: 나타내다, 드러내다

*intrusive: 거슬리는

[3] The feeling there is nothing they can do for climate change and the climate depression lead to a lack of will to give birth, beyond just worrying about future generations. In a ChildFund Korea survey, when asked if they had thought of giving up childbirth due to climate change, 43.3 percent of 1,000 respondents answered affirmatively. There were 185 out of the 1,000 respondents who said they actually had given up plans to have kids due to climate change.

*beyond: ~저편에, 그 너머에

*affirmatively: 긍정적으로, 확정적으로


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