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[팟캐스트] (516) 이륜차 인도 주행 집중 단속하는 경찰 / 10명 중 7명 여름 휴가 안 가는 한국

By Kan Hyeong-woo

Published : July 13, 2023 - 11:05

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1. Police begin crackdown on motorcycles on sidewalks

기사 요약: 경찰, 이륜차 인도·횡단보도 주행 집중 단속한다

[1] The police have taken action to address the increasing number of pedestrian accidents involving two-wheeled vehicles, especially motorcycles.

*address: 주소, 호칭으로 부르다, 연설하다, (~에 대해) 다루다

*pedestrian: 보행자

[2] The National Police Agency has recently announced their plan to designate a specific day in each region dedicated to enhancing two-wheeled vehicle safety.

*designate: 지정하다

*specific: 구체적인

[3] This initiative aims to crack down on two-wheeled vehicles driving on sidewalks and crosswalks, particularly in areas with high pedestrian traffic. Their focus is on eradicating the motorcycles' use of sidewalks and crosswalks.

*initiative: 계획

*sidewalk: 인도

*crosswalk: 횡단보도, 건널목

*eradicate: 근절하다, 뿌리뽑다

[4] According to the latest data from the Korea Highway Traffic Authority, there has been a surge in accidents involving two-wheeled vehicles colliding with pedestrians while navigating sidewalks or crosswalks.

*surge: 급증, 밀려들다

*collide: 충돌하다

*navigate: 길을 찾다, 항해하다, 다루다

기사 원문:

2. 7 in 10 people not planning summer vacation: survey

기사 요약: 한국인 10명 중 7명, 올해 여름 휴가 안 간다

[1] More than 70 percent of Koreans are either unsure or do not plan on going on a summer vacation this year, with 1 in 3 citing financial reasons, a survey showed Friday.

*either A or B: A 혹은 B

*cite: (이유-예)를 들다, 인용하다

[2] According to a survey that polled 3,000 individuals aged between 20 to 69, conducted by PMI, an online research institution, 36.8 percent of respondents have no plans for a summer vacation.

*poll: 여론 조사 (하다)

*conduct: (~를) 하다, 수행하다, 처리하다, 지휘하다

[3] Another 36.2 percent have not yet made a firm decision, bringing the total percentage of respondents unlikely to enjoy a summer vacation to over 70 percent.

*firm: 회사, 단단한, 확고한

[4] The survey further highlighted the varying preferences among different age groups. The highest percentage of respondents not planning a summer vacation were in their 30s, at 80.7 percent, followed by those in their 20s with 76.4 percent, and people in their 40s with 73.6 percent.

*vary: 다르다

*preference: 선호

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