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Eyeguard System, the Privacy Filter Specialist, Launched New Wellness & Lifestyle Brand "ANBAC"


Published : Nov. 1, 2022 - 22:20

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Healthy Eyes, Mind, and Body

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Eyeguard System, a privacy filter manufacturer with 20 years of experience, announced that it will launch "ANBAC", new wellness & lifestyle brand for improving life starting from relived eyes.

“Wellness starts within the eyes.” is the brand ANBAC’s core message.
“Wellness starts within the eyes.” is the brand ANBAC’s core message.

"ANBAC" is a brand designed to reduce eye strain and accordingly make the body and mind sound and healthy in line with growing post-pandemic interests in wellness.

The brand name "ANBAC" can be divided into "AN" + "BAC" with its vision that the mind (AN, as a Korean word, which means "internal" and sounds like "an") is at peace (AN, as a Chinese word, which means "comfort" and also sounds like "an") when eyes (AN, as also a different Chinese word, which means "eyes" and also sounds like "an") are relived, whereby the body (BAC, as a Korean word, which means "external" and sounds like "bac") will be healthy when the mind is at peace.

It is a brand based on the corporate philosophy and aims of Eyeguard System, which has been specializing in the production of monitor filters for eye protection since 2000 while striving for eye comfort. Eyeguard plans to introduce a variety of lifestyle products closely related to eye health under the name of "ANBAC."

The "Privacy Screen Filter" with a blue light blocking function will be released along with the brand launch, as the first product containing the brand mission and philosophy of "ANBAC." The filter absorbs and blocks out blue light from screens and natural ultraviolet rays, reducing eye fatigue and helping prevent problems such as dry eyes, insomnia, and stiff shoulders when using a device for a long time. It is possible to protect the eyes of users and, further, to improve work efficiency.

Moreover, the hanging AR filter with an anti-reflection coating, distinctive from existing privacy filters, increases the transmittance so that users can see the screen more clearly even when using the filter. The light reflectance is reduced to further enhance eye protection. The anti-reflection coating is a technology applied to filters for medical monitors widely sold in the United States, which Eyeguard System has been supplying for several years. Eyeguard System has already been recognized for its advanced technology and quality in the global market.

Based on a variety of filter coatings, advanced technologies, and patents, Eyeguard System has acquired New Product (NEP) certification from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy with a monitor privacy film (security device) for the first time in Korea. It is also registered as an excellent procurement product and can be purchased at the Nara Shopping Mall, the online procurement system run by the Korean government.

Eyeguard System stated that this year, its product acquired NEP certification for a monitor privacy filter first in Korea and was selected as an excellent procurement product. With the partnership with Samsung Electronics for the Galaxy S22, the filter sales are rapidly increasing YOY. It is also favored by institutional purchasing managers. Also added that starting with the recent launch in Amazon, Eyeguard System plans to overcome barriers to enter North America and further global markets, and will actively invest to expand a range of wellness products and services under the name of ANBAC.

The best privacy filter manufacturer - Eyeguard System Co., Ltd.

Eyeguard System Co., Ltd. started with the Seoul branch of AS Optical Science Inc. in 2000 and has developed and manufactured various functional films, adding functions like blue light blocking & anti-reflection, based on privacy protection concerns. Since our inception, we have been providing our product to numerous financial institutions, public institutions, and large corporations, and we are constantly recognized for our thorough work and the quality of our products.

With the growing interest in individual and corporate privacy as well as health and environmental concerns, the application of our technology and related products is also increasing, and our solution business that builds the IT environment for customers in the public and financial sectors is also growing in synergy with the film and coating business.

Our company safeguards its expertise and we have patents related to film and coating. We also provide consulting and solutions for the majority of IT environments such as PC, mobile, IT accessories, etc.

  • Film & Coating: Manufacturing our ANBAC privacy filters for IT, finance, medical appliances, automobile, etc.
  • B2B Sales Agent of Samsung & LG Electronics: Supplying electronic devices such as desktops, monitors, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • IT Solution: Supplying IT products and managing the IT environment of financial companies including PC, special keyboards, and MRO products.

With more than 20 years of experience in the privacy filter business, we will always strive to read the consumers' needs quickly and satisfy them with the best quality products and services. If you need more information on our products or our company, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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