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EBS to present sci-fi show “The Dreamer”

By Lee Si-jin

Published : Nov. 1, 2022 - 15:43

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Cast of Korean talk show Cast of Korean talk show "The Dreamer" talk about the possible events in a near future with XR technology. (EBS)

Public educational TV channel EBS delves into the mysteries of the future with its upcoming talk show “The Dreamer,” featuring the latest computing technologies including extended reality, motion capture and deep fake.

Extended reality is an umbrella term that covers virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. The computing technology can merge physical and virtual worlds, bringing digital elements to the viewers.

“The Dreamer,” the first Korean XR talk show, looks into what could happen in a technologically advanced future encompassing the metaverse, blockchain, artificial intelligence, artificial wombs, virtual humans and artificial life.

Actor Ha Seok-jin and singer Chuu of K-pop girl group Loona star as the show’s hosts, exploring the futuristic topics with panelists neuroscientist Chang Dong-seon and profiler-turned-actor Kim Yoon-hee.

To unpack the complex social problems and unfamiliar scientific terms to a wide audience, the broadcast program takes a storytelling format, blending with the cast’s discussions.

Chuu (left) and Ha Seok-jin star as the hosts of Chuu (left) and Ha Seok-jin star as the hosts of "The Dreamer." (EBS)

“The XR technologies certainly got me immersed in the futuristic stages, making me empathize with the stories that are being shared in our show,” an EBS press release quoted Ha as saying.

After a successful pilot run in December 2021, “The Dreamer” received international recognition, winning the Silver Remi award in the talk show category at this year’s WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. The show was named the television show of the month by the Korean Producers and Directors Association in January as well.

The eight-part talk show will air at 10:45 p.m. every Thursday, starting Nov. 10, on EBS1.

“The Dreamer” will also be available on EBS’ official website.