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The Unveiled Glory of Deshou Palace from the Legendary Song Dynasty


Published : Aug. 18, 2022 - 10:20

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HANGZHOU, China, Aug. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by The culture of the Southern Song Dynasty has lasted for nearly a thousand years in Hangzhou, and the Deshou Palace located in Shangcheng District is undoubtedly the essence of it. The Southern Song Dynasty's Deshou Palace Ruins Museum started construction at the end of 2020 and has already finished the construction of the main building by now. The indoor exhibitions and decorations are still under construction and will be ready to be put into trial operation in September this year. Once finished, it will become the first project in Hangzhou to unveil the style of the royal palaces under Emperor Gaozong and Emperor Xiaozong of Song.

Deshou palace plays an important role for Hangzhou to display its cultural heritage of the Song Dynasty. A group of royal palace buildings of the Southern Song Dynasty will be displayed on the site protection shed of the main palace hall in the Central District. This is considered the most valuable and most worth-watching building in Deshou Palace.

Upon completion, the protection shed in the Central District will have two floors. The first floor is a steel structure site protection cover, which serves both as site protection and a historical and cultural exhibition hall. On the second floor stands the reconstructed main hall of Deshou Palace. According to experts, the design plan was determined after a comprehensive study of the excavation to ensure it presents the beauty of architecture in the Song Dynasty.

It is reported that the central area of Deshou Palace is themed on the beauty of architecture in the Southern Song Dynasty. It uses a combination of three-fold curtains and digital projections on the ground to let visitors understand the changes in the Deshou Palace and the building's construction system while experiencing the story of Emperor Gaozong of Song and the royal courtesy at that time. The ruins in the western area are based on the theme of the beauty of gardens in the Southern Song Dynasty. Through huge digital scrolls, scenes such as the changing seasons of the gardens of Deshou Palace are recreated. Through this "window of Song "that was once closed for hundreds of years, the world will see the unique charisma of cultures in the Song Dynasty.